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Loki the Horned God


Great bit on Loki as a Horned God.

Originally posted on Loki's Bruid:

Some meta thoughts on Loki’s depiction, spurred by an interesting convo on my FB about Loki being likened to a Satanic figure in the Norse pantheon, and me mulling over how this is actually a backhanded compliment. I could rant on how Lu/Satan is unjustly vilified, but that’s a rant that is probably better handled by an actual Luciferian. I am not an expert on Him, but the vilification of horned depictions of Gods is relevant to my interests.


Horned!Loki on the Kirkby Stone. The town of Kirkby Stephen was once part of the Danelaw, and the stone is dated to 850 AD. So…actual fax pic of Loki with horns, from ye olde days.

But what does that mean? Well, horned deities are a Big Deal, and are seen in multiple ancient traditions. A little scholarship on them, from the book Horns of Honor:


The screenshot is…

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