Conversations with the Lady

Me: So are you another one who has been floating about most of my life without me noticing?

Hekate: No child, I’m new. *gentle and amused smile*. Your Beloved sent Me.

Her voice is like the wind in winter, but does not chill me.

Herself: It’s because of where you come from. We are of similar stock, you and I.

Me: So Hermes sent you?

Hekate: Well, sent is a strong word I suppose. No one sends me anywhere. He humbly requested my assistance. He knew we would get along, that our energies meld better then yours and Apollon’s would. Besides, you know how jealous He gets over nothing. Men are silly. *wink*

Me: Indeed they can be! Well…welcome to the family I guess.

Hekate: A pleasure.

She inclines Her head in a slight bow. I hear the sounds of old bones.



My commissioned cord from FiberWytch arrived the other day. It made me cry it was so beautiful. And so perfect. It’s EXACTLY the way I envisioned it. I cannot gush enough about it. Thank you so much Beth! Check out her shop!

The photo doesn’t do it justice, I’m going to try to get some better shots later.

Himself is pleased. So is Odin.

All is right with the world.


Remember Who You Are

It started ten years ago. The voice. It whispered at me like the voice in Field of Dreams. Remember who you are…. It’s taken this long to really start understanding what that meant and still means. A good friend, teacher and mentor, mentioned to me the other day how a course she is taking teaches that the souls gets lost after trauma and must be coaxed back. She suggested I ponder what long lost parts of my soul might still be missing. I suffered a year of pretty intense emotional, sexual and sometimes physical abuse from my last relationship. The memories of which I buried deep. I’ve been having “unwanted and obtrusive” thoughts more often (which my new shrink implied means some level of PTSD). They have always happened ever since that year but the ebb and flow of it changes. I am at a point where the harder things to process are bubbling up. I don’t like it. It terrifies me. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. And not only is pretty much my entire Divine Family away for various Hunt related things, the One I need the most right now (Himself) is all but on radio silence. Not to mention the full on lecture He yelled at me the other day. The world is a very strange place.

For a long time that phrase confused me. What the Hel was I supposed to remember? For awhile I thought it was my pansexuality, I had buried it after some incidents with the ex. So I began work on accepting that part if myself. Then I thought maybe it was my lag in spiritual activities and devotions. I had buried that entire part of myself to hide it from him (the ex that is). That began my spiritual adventures once again. My love for Christ? Fixed that bit with my baptism into the LDS Church in April (yes I know, it’s confusing…makes WAY more sense when you makes the Jesus/Hermes connection). As I said I am terrified. Of reliving what happened and also what parts of myself I will find buried beneath that blood and sand.


For the Dead

I did a ritual today for the Beloved Dead. September 11th became a day of commemoration after the events in the US of 2001. We have a lot of “extra holidays”. My mortal spouse and I have always been big into military history, history in general. It started for both of us at a young age. His family fled Poland in the 1960’s, devastated by the Second World War. My Paternal relatives have had at least one member in the military as far back as the 1400’s. I’m sure once I get more genealogical work done I will find more. It’s a profession for this side of the family. It’s something we do.

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Sometimes it really sucks when all your main Gods are involved in The Hunt somehow. Nobody is Home. And I miss them. *sigh*