Conversations with Hermes

Himself: You are Angelia, the literal personification if My message. You are “the Word”. Are you My daughter? In a manner if speaking. Not in the genetic sense that you are thinking. Those gene’s you got from “Grandfather”, better known as Odin. I had a hand in your creation as My Wife, My companion, part of the living word. So don’t feel bad about having the “hots” for Daddy.


Besides, do you not lust after your own creations?

Me: Characters in short stories don’t count…besides most of them are really YOU anyways.

Himself: The ladies definitely aren’t.

*grins and smacks my bum*

Me: *gapes, speechless*

That moment when you realize you’ve been calling your freaking GODSPOUSE by the WRONG NAME for MONTHS!!


Real Magic

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As I’ve mentioned before, the practice of glamourbombing is pretty important to me, and something I do fairly often. I got the idea directly from my spirits one day, but eventually found this name for it somewhere online. And it mostly fit, but… it did seem that most of the other people were doing it as a cute trick, basically, rather than trying to put any serious magic behind it. Whereas my glamourbombs generally have spells woven into them, spells to benefit my own spirits and to lift the veil between the worlds, not just awaken a sense of the numinous in the receiver.

So I was pleased to see that some people are taking things to another level (even if I might not resonate with the source of their perspective, since this seems to be coming from a combination of otherkin and chaos magicians). Though I think that the glitter…

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Where’s the Support for the Maetreum of Cybele?

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“If you happen to be thinking that this instance of legal precedence does not concern you because your theology differs from theirs, you ought to think again.  If you believe for a second that your future endeavors to build your own worship space, or convent, or temple to your God(s) is not affected by this, you are sorely mistaken.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the legal wins of the Maetreum were not available toyour lawyer when your town or local government decides to derail your plans?  Wouldn’t it be a shame if you did not have this legal precedent to fall back on, proving the inherent worth of Alternative Religions, and thus, your religious tradition in your close-minded community? Shame?  Yes.  Shame on you.

So, where is your support?  And if you are serious about Pagan places of worship, temples, convents and the like, then put your…

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UPG, apotheosis, and what does community work mean, anyway?


This is so perfect…so awesome. <3

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Today’s post is going to be brought to you by the letters F as in frithful, G as in Gullveig, and H as in Heiðr. And maybe also by UPG chicken, which is the unspoken game people play when they want to discuss gnosis that is personally important to them, but don’t want to be seen as crazy, egotistical, or whatever other slur the UPG police are using.

I’ve stated publicly before that since I left my former mortal spouse, Loki has been telling me that I’m His goddess. And He used the word “Lokadis,” which is one of my tats for Him. And at some point, He began to drop hints. Lots of hearts. Hearts on fire. Spears. And then one day, He pointed to two (that’s right, two) of my tattoos for Him that have hearts on fire.

wpid-IMG_20121017_180307.jpgI’ve been given housewarmings gifts of artwork of hearts on…

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