About three nights ago I was having one of those moments where I question my worthiness of the attentions of Herne; strangely I don’t have this problem with the Goddess’s in my life. I had been reading a Sister’s blog (Loki’s Bruid) which was touching on the same thing. She does readings and I was seriously considering getting one done, both to affirm that it was Cernnunos who was seeking my attentions and that I was not indeed losing my mind. A post on another Sister’s blog, (The Iconoclastic Domina) came to mind before I sent the message though, the topic of this entry had been UPG/VPG and how strange it can be when UPG turns into VPG. I woke up the next morning to find the post below in reader, which had been reblogged on Pagan Devotional’s. It made me laugh and also lifted my Spirit. VPG indeed. It also helped me to remember His wild and untamed nature and to roll with whatever energies and attentions He sends my way.

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