Had a heavily symbolic dream last night. It’s going to take me some time to unravel it all I think. Here we go though. I’m going to do this in sections.


**I wake up in a small room with just a bed, plain walls, white sheets, white curtain to separate it from the main room. I pull the curtain back and look into the main room, off to the left is a small kitchen. The room is cluttered, full of big comfy looking chairs and couches. Dark colours. Four men in the room, one to my right, looks like Brandon but it’s not Brandon, again striking blue eyes flash at me. The blue eyes seem to be a calling card of my Lord. In the kitchen are two men, one is Rob and the energy is Rob, not him personally but his form is a true image of what that symbol is. The third man looks like Jonathan Statham, since he stars in a lot of action movie’s, usually saving women, so perhaps he symbolizes the Warrior aspect of my Lord. The Brandon figure I know is representative of the Lover aspect of Him, since I have been feeling like I lost Him and Brandon was my high school crush, kind of like the one that got away, that is why He chose that form, or my mind chose that form for Him.


**There was also a dark skinned man who was supposed to be taking me somewhere, none of the men would tell me where I had to go, just that it was important and they were all really excited about it. I was getting very angry, yelling at them because I wanted them to tell me where I was going, all they would tell me, it was Rob that told me, was that it was something I had to get dressed up fancy for. I finally agreed and went to have a shower, I took off each item of clothing one at a time as if this was significant  then got into the shower. I felt Him then but didn’t see Him. His warm body pressed up against me, behind me. His presence surrounded me, filled me, He felt so good. My breasts felt warm, like they were filling someone’s hands, nipples tingling. My eyes were closed, I was in darkness, just me and His all encompassing presence. Heat and desire ignited between my thighs, aching, a desperate need. An image of Rob flashed in my mined and the guilt of “cheating” filled me again but not nearly as bad as it has been in other dreams and visions. I gasped softly and opened my eyes as I felt Him gently remove Himself from me, I was out of the shower and the Brandon figure was in front of me, those blue eyes flashing, a soft smile on his face, laughing eyes. I wanted Him back so badly. I looked from the Rob figure and back at Him with a soft smile. He smiled knowingly at me, His presence gentle and understanding. The feeling was that He would return in that intimate fashion, breaking me in slowly it seemed.


**He turned from me then and put His hand on a fish tank. There was a big one and one small one. There was one betta fish in the small tank, in the big tank there was also one betta but with some other little fish, guppy’s or something. He had five or six other betta’s he was going to add to the tank. I was all concerned because male betta’s fight, sometimes kill each other and I was very worried  that when He put them in the tanks that they would kill each other. He did put them all in the big tank. I turned away and had an interaction with the dark skinned man that I will write about next. When I came back I looked at the tanks, He had laid out five of the betta fish on a towel in front of the tank, 4 in a row then another underneath as if starting another row, these rows seemed significant  The image of one red betta filled my vision, the usual betta you see in the stores. Betta Splendens. The translation of this seems to be “warrior that is splendid/beautiful”. This whole fish scene seems really important.


**The incident with the dark skinned man. I went with him, into the city travelling but not seeing what we were travelling in. Felt like my spirit/soul was actually travelling, could feel this pressure and tingling in my solar plexus. He was dressed well in a dark suit. I seemed to get the idea that we were going to see a play, The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy seemed to be the significant characters, like I was going to see her. I got upset and nervous and WILLED myself back to the apartment to get changed. When I got changed I willed myself back to the man but instead of going back to the city I was in what seemed like a loading bay for a store or warehouse which was filled with water. The dark skinned man and another man were talking. I woke up after this.


Thoughts on this are always welcome.

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