Every time I watch a movie involving the First Nations I get this ache in my heart. Part of it is mourning the loss and decimation of whole cultures, another part for the difficulties they still face today.
The main hurt though is for myself and my ancestors. I can relate entirely to that loss of culture. But while the modern First Nations have at the very least some sort of Native culture to return to and learn, I don’t even have that. For example, my Sister in Law, she is Metis, her People come from the Prairies and even though she grew up here in BC far from her Ancestral lands, she has Nations here to go to, in particular the Squamish Nation. I have no group of people to go to. My “People” and their culture is dead. Granted I can go to the Maritimes and find the remnants of Celtic cultures and there are little pockets of surviving culture in The Isles themselves. It’s all Christianized though.

To get to know my People, my Ancestors, I must delve into books. That is where the ghosts of my culture reside. I suppose I should be thankful for that. There are countless ciltures lost without a trace. It still makes me sad though, makes my heart ache.

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