I’ve been having some really intense dreams of late. Night before last I was visited by a dark skinned warrior God, think Eli from The Book of Eli, strangely enough. That is a post in and of itself that I will get to at a later date.

Last night in my dreams I had a visit from a Pooka. The Pooka is described by some as a goblin and by others as one of the Aos Si, the fairy folk, a nature spirit. Depending on who you talk to they can be benevolent or malicious. The one that visited me came in the form of a black Irish Wolfhound, a female I would say going by the size, with white feet and a white patch on the chest. Seemed a bit wary but most definitely friendly. She appeared at the feet of a man, a very tall man with red curly hair. Incidentally in my dream this man was technically a good friend I had in high school but with dreams things are never as they seem. She appeared from behind him, stood by his feet for a moment before scampering about in the grass and tree’s at the side of the road, (we were standing at a bus stop), looking back at me from time to time, tongue lolling and one of those sweet doggy smiles. I suppose there is a good chance she was trying to get me to come along. I will meditate again tonight and see if she returns.


This image came from PuppySites.com, which links to Avoglia Irish Wolfhounds

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