Found this on my morning perusal of Facebook. A little blurb on the Sufi Master Meher Baba. There is more to it but it was these parts that resonated deeply with me.


Questions and Answers by Shri Meher Baba, The Perfect Master

Question: What, in his opinion, is the real meaning and purpose of life?
Answer: It is to become identified with the Universal Self, and thus to experience Infinite Bliss, Power, and Knowledge; and finally, to be able to impart this experience to others, and make them see the One Indivisible Infinity existing in every phase of life.

Question: Does Shri Meher Baba deny “matter”?
Answer: He denies nothing because for him duality does not exist. To a God-realized personality, matter and spirit seem both to be merged in the Ocean of Divinity. He sees the “Divine One” playing simultaneously the different roles of the soul, spirit, mind, and body.

* The soul exists independently of nature and matter, it is infinite, everlasting, and pure
* The spirit, though having the same Divine essence as the soul, differs in that it is attached to the matter, the body, the world and the affairs of the world, but is unconscious of the Infinite Self. “Until it is realized, the spirit has to reincarnate.”
* The body is the medium through which the mind puts its desires, emotions, and thoughts into action on the physical plane.
* The mind is the medium by which the spirit’s experiences of matter are expressed.

The God-man teaches us the Truth that to realize the oneness of everything we must realize that spirit and matter, or the spiritual life and material life go hand-in-hand. When intellect and feeling, or head and heart, are equally developed and balanced, the apparent antithesis is resolved into the One Divine Consciousness.

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