This morning I joined a Facebook group on the topic of syncretism between Odin, Shiva and a few others. There was a question posted about the possible connections between Odin and Papa Legba. Papa Legba (along with Baron Samedi and Maman Brigette) has been a favourite of mine for years. I’ve never really thought of this before and I am very new to Odin, so this is pretty much all UPG/PG so don’t take what I have to say as written in stone…

Similarities…Papa is usually depicted as an old man wearing a wide brimmed hat (generally straw) and using a crutch or cane; Odin is generally depicted as an old man wearing a wide brimmed hat, carrying a staff. The Dog is scared to Papa; Wolves are sacred to Odin. I believe Odin has been considered a gatekeeper between that lands of the living and dead; Papa is the Gatekeeper and the Voice of God…and I feel the runes of Odin can tie into the Voice of God….Odin is now smiling at me rather mischievously…I’m thinking I’m on the right track, haha! I think the association of the wanderer is a connection between the two as well.

Still reeling….

Yesterday was the Celebration of Life for my cousin Mark who was tragically killed while at work a couple weeks ago. I’m not ready to write about it yet but I wanted to record a few notes on the day before they slip my mind.

  • On the way to the ferry I asked An Mórrígan and Odin to be with me and give me strength. I started to ask Odin if He was with me, then changed my mind, decided to trust and just asked that He give me strength and if it wasn’t too much trouble if he could give me a sign that He was about. A minute or two later I saw a Bald Eagle sitting on top of an old farm building. A minute after that my Mom spotted a pair of them which I managed to see also before we drove past.
  • A good 15 minutes down the road I saw a young Golden Eagle, sitting on a road sign if I remember correctly, a very nice clear view since He was so close to the car.
  • It began to rain heavily just before the service started, as if the skies were weeping for Mark
  • During the service there were some major technical glitches with the slideshow, both my Father and I both said it was Mark messing with things, it’s totally something he would do.
  • He was most definitely with us
  • About an hour into the drive back down to Nanaimo to catch the ferry I saw a VERY large Raven sitting on top of a conifer. This pleased me immensely
  • The Seas were particularly calm on the way home, this seemed significant, not sure why
  • I was VERY glad my Husband convinced me to bring our Son. He helped me and everyone else deal with the grief.

I will be writing a full post on Mark and his passing. Just not sure when.


I’m not sure of I dreamed it or if I actually heard the Barred Owls hooting away last night. Either way it made me happy.

The Dirt Eater

I’ve heard it said we all need to eat a little dirt before we die….

Two Twitch A Tale

I’m still mulling over this month’s story – thinking of the difficulties of parenting, which are really about the difficulties we have with engaging respectfully with anyone we meet.  I even wrote a an essay to post on my other blog , only to realize it was a diatribe and I’d basically said it all here, so why repeat? Instead I turned to poetry, forgot the struggle with words like discipline, punishment and consequence and returned to story, which is the whole point of this exercise.

I did find out in the course of my research that Indian mothers begin to worry if their young children (boys and girls) don’t exhibit a little saitani (devilishness).

The Dirt Eater

Mother!  Mummy!  Mom!”

All day long, a constant

teasing litany –

complaints, tattles, whines

“He did this.” “She did that”

“No I didn’t!” “Yes you did!”

Ignorance is bliss, I think

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Odin, Balder and Loki [Ask Me About Odin]

Love this ❤

Wytch of the North

Recently, I was asked about a comment I had made in another post, related to Balder’s death: that it was not an act of treachery on the part of Loki, but rather an act of loyalty, in which He helped His brother perform an abhorrent but needful task, the sacrifice of His beloved son as a substitute for Himself as sacred king.  I was asked whether this idea was something that had some basis in the surviving lore, or whether it was information Odin had imparted to me directly.

In answer to that question, this was Told to me by Odin, but it is a UPG widely held among many of His people, as well as many of Loki’s.  (And perhaps Balder’s as well, though I have not encountered many devotees of His.)  Although there is no direct support in the Scandinavian lore for this interpretation, one must always…

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Havamal Studies, June 20th, 2013

Favourite/signifigant passages:

47. Young was I once, and wandered alone. And nought of the road I knew; Rich did I feel when a comrade I found. For man is man’s delight.

49. My garments once in a field I gave
To a pair of carven poles; Heroes they seemed when clothes they had. But the naked man is nought.

50. On the hillside drear the fir-tree dies,
All bootless it’s needles and bark; It is like a man whom no one loves, – Why should his life be long?

52. No great thing needs a man to give,
Oft little will purchase praise; With half a loaf and a half-filled cup
A friend full fast I made.

Wishing all a blessed Solstice.

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