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Wytch of the North

Recently, I was asked about a comment I had made in another post, related to Balder’s death: that it was not an act of treachery on the part of Loki, but rather an act of loyalty, in which He helped His brother perform an abhorrent but needful task, the sacrifice of His beloved son as a substitute for Himself as sacred king.  I was asked whether this idea was something that had some basis in the surviving lore, or whether it was information Odin had imparted to me directly.

In answer to that question, this was Told to me by Odin, but it is a UPG widely held among many of His people, as well as many of Loki’s.  (And perhaps Balder’s as well, though I have not encountered many devotees of His.)  Although there is no direct support in the Scandinavian lore for this interpretation, one must always…

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