This morning I joined a Facebook group on the topic of syncretism between Odin, Shiva and a few others. There was a question posted about the possible connections between Odin and Papa Legba. Papa Legba (along with Baron Samedi and Maman Brigette) has been a favourite of mine for years. I’ve never really thought of this before and I am very new to Odin, so this is pretty much all UPG/PG so don’t take what I have to say as written in stone…

Similarities…Papa is usually depicted as an old man wearing a wide brimmed hat (generally straw) and using a crutch or cane; Odin is generally depicted as an old man wearing a wide brimmed hat, carrying a staff. The Dog is scared to Papa; Wolves are sacred to Odin. I believe Odin has been considered a gatekeeper between that lands of the living and dead; Papa is the Gatekeeper and the Voice of God…and I feel the runes of Odin can tie into the Voice of God….Odin is now smiling at me rather mischievously…I’m thinking I’m on the right track, haha! I think the association of the wanderer is a connection between the two as well.

2 thoughts on “Syncretism

  1. This article is very coincidental for me! At the beginning of this summer I felt extremely called by both Baron Samedi, and Papa Legba, but had no background with either which I thought was odd. I tried exploring this draw more, but my normally Norse path did not really mesh well wih and vodou teachings (that I could find at least), and the culture was not a good fit. Interestingly enough, the exact week you wrote this I made a keychain as a devotional to Papa. Today I considered removing it as I never did incorporate anything else into my practice, but I swear that I could hear Odin (whom I have been developing a relationship with since early summer) laughing mischievously. Could be why I couldn’t seem to form much of a bond with the other loa if it was Him all along. Thanks much for the article! Glad I’m not the only one who’s experienced this possibility!

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