I had this dream last night that I lived in this small town and was married to a man who looked like a bulkier version of John Winchester (Supernatural) . I saw myself as looking like Mrs. Pell from Missisippi Burning. Come to think of it the town itself was reminiscent of that town, looks wise. There was a railroad in town that had been shut down which had made it so a lot of the townsfolk had to leave town to find employment. I took a walk by the railway which gave off more of the impression of a coal mine. It hadn’t been closed so much as destroyed, as if lava had been poured over it. This seemed significent.
My husband had to leave town for weeks at a time for work (since the rail was shut down) and I was terribly lonely. I remember making friends with a local gentleman and feeling a moment of temptation but no actual intimacy occured. When my husband came home he was angry and heartbroken because I had been unfaithful physically. I could not remember anything adulterous happening, unless you count the one moment of lonely thought. But still I felt ill, sick with guilt and heartache. I just kept repeating that he had be gone for so long and I had been so lonely. He did not leave me but things were very uncomfortable. Then there was some sort if accident, someone tried to kill me (my apparent lover was my hunch, but it looked like an accident, something to do with natural gas I think (inhalation not explosion). After this he was much more physically affectionate and ge tried to be intimate wuth me but stopped because all he could think about was my apparent infidelity. He cried. It made my heart hurt. I awoke shortly after this. The accident and intimacy attempt may be in opposite order, I can’t quite remember.

The heartache lasted physically all day. It struck me as a dream that was more than just a dream. Thoughts of Loki and Odin came to mind but I’m not sure if I was just grasping at straws.

Input or help deciphering is always welcome.

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