Why Only One Path?

Why must I follow one bath alone? Ehy is it unacceptable for me to follow a multitude of Faiths and be true to them all? When you get right down to the nitty-gritty of it, the Paths I gravitate to are based on love and respect for all things, be they plant, animal, mineral or Divine. In My Mormon studies I’ve come across scripture stating that there are an infinite number of worlds, it seems unnatural to me that there wouldn’t be a multitude of Divine beings also.

Another Soul Through the Viel

My Grandfather passed over yesterday. The world has lost a great man and my heart aches. He will be welcome in the Halls of our Ancestors. Hail and welcome.
Love you Pops. I’ll miss our all night conversation among countless other things. I am a better person because of you. You will be missed. Say hello to Grandma and the rest of our family.

Prayers and much respect to Hel, Lady of the Night, Caretaker of the Dead.


Sometimes a Wild God

Very powerful and rather fitting for my spiritual location at the moment.

Coyopa : words by Tom Hirons

I’m delighted to say that this poem is now available to buy in book form, with amazing illustrations by Rima Staines. There’s another of the illustrations at the bottom of this post. It’s printed on 100% recycled paper in the UK by a worker’s co-op. Do take a look – it’s a beautiful, pocket-size book and only costs £7.50 + p&p!

You can buy it direct from us at the Hedgespoken Press website:


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