My path has gotten so…interesting…as of late. I will be writing multiple posts about it. For now here is an updated shrine, it’s become a strange place, hehe!




The Crux of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter

Yesterday’s post on Misogyny in Modern Hellenismos has stirred up a lot of conversation, some in the comments and some on other blogs.

I want to extend a huge thank you to all of  you who have commented, shared, and understand what the issue is about. See, there seems to be some people who are derailing the conversation about how ancient Hellenic men treated women (as if that is the excuse for 21st century men to behave the same way), and/or there seems to be confusion over what is the real root of the issue.

Allow me to lay this to rest:

The issue/offense isn’t the blatant pornographic image that violated Facebook Terms and Conditions and was therefor deleted. The issue/offense isn’t that the woman was sporting a plethora of pubic hair and if she was hairless then women wouldn’t be offended (actual hypothesis put down by one of the…

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Modesty in a Pagan World

Very good post on modesty and veiling, I am modest/veiled for the same reasons.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

(Before I get this post going Beth says that I need to let my readers know I have a Youtube channel now. My first video, Thoughts on Pagan Veiling, can be found here. The quality isn’t great — it’s all about the cellphone! — but it’s my inaugural video, and it’s good enough for me.)

I’ve been thinking a bit about modesty again, specifically the idea of pagan modesty and what that might look like. Originally I was going to make this into the next video, but instead this week I have the crud, including a voice that is sort of on its way out, and a lovely cough that won’t quit. In part, I’m thinking about modesty from a pagan perspective (or from THIS pagan’s perspective, rather) because of two books I’m reading: Aphrodite’s Tortoise: The Veiled Woman of Ancient Greece and Introduction to Roman Religion. The…

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Misogyny In Modern Hellenismos

Spreading the word…

The Heart of the Matter

Misogyny: Hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

It all started with a photo posted in a public Facebook Hellenic Polytheist group of a former playmate/porn star laying back, spread eagle, showing off her personal grooming preference. All in praise of Aphrodite.

The photograph was immediately reported to Facebook for its pornographic content and was deleted, and then, the flood gates of misogyny came pouring out.

In that one day, in that one group, there were four posts about women’s “bush”. Four posts talking about the aesthetics of a woman shaving or “going natural”.

Four posts, people.

Four posts.

Three of the four posts were headlined with a photo of a woman’s “bush”.  Two of them were of ancient statues with no other description of the photo other than “bush”.

I commented in response to one of these photos and this is what ensued:


Misogyny: Hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

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