Forgive the silence recently. “Mundane” life has been keeping me on my toes, I now am the mother of a toddler. Somewhere along the line my baby turned into a person. It’s awesome and traumatizing all at the same time. My health conditions have been rather cranky, particularly the anxiety and arthritis(then throw in the usual Fibro fun).

In the Gods department Odin has recently come “home”, He has been out and about for quite some time. I’ve missed Him and am glad He is back. Things are always a little (or a lot) more intense when He is home. I am actively working on repairing and deepening our relationship/connection. I’ve had some insights on the subject and will eventually write up some posts about it. Just to make things extra interesting Hermes has quite suddenly made an appearance. Nothing serious, He’s just being a flirt, hehe! Not sure what he’s up to though.

It is also high summer, I have plants and gardens to tend as well as the usual daily chores. We are going to be putting our townhouse on the market soon so de-cluttering is also happening.

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