I did a ritual today for the Beloved Dead. September 11th became a day of commemoration after the events in the US of 2001. We have a lot of “extra holidays”. My mortal spouse and I have always been big into military history, history in general. It started for both of us at a young age. His family fled Poland in the 1960’s, devastated by the Second World War. My Paternal relatives have had at least one member in the military as far back as the 1400’s. I’m sure once I get more genealogical work done I will find more. It’s a profession for this side of the family. It’s something we do.

My Maternal relatives have had a handful of members in the military and only in the more extreme cases, such as a draft or a World War. My father is an associate member of The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drum band. He was the Drum Sergeant for as long as I can remember. Has been playing the snare drum in a military style/pipes and drums band since he was four or five. I’ll find the picture. My Godfather was the Drum Major until his death almost twenty years ago. My Dad’s best friend and one of my unofficial father’s is the Pipe Major. I spent my life around a Scottish Military Regiment. So I am born and bred in a sense.

Growing up listening and reading stories of military history and actually living with my maternal Grandfather, a WWII veteran, for most of my life has given me an almost unique perspective on The Dead, wars, battles and the like. I’m sure it’s a perspective shared by many military families, members of the police and paramedics and other professions and experiences such as these. It’s why even though I consider myself a pacifist and non-violent to an extent, almost all my Deities have battle or death associations. I work on the quiet side of Death, Himself tells me. I’m not exactly sure what it means yet.

After work I went and sat beside the Coquitlam River. It’s the first time I’ve spent any time there outside of walking past it for work. Since I had been past it so many times I wanted to make my official greeting. This seemed like a good day for it. So I sat by the waters edge, lit a candle and a stick of nag champa, and communed.

I said my prayers for the Beloved Dead, those that are left behind, and Those that keep them. By “Those that keep them” I mean any mortal or immortal creature, human or otherwise, that cares for the Dearly Departed and those touched by tragedy. For mortals my new found SisterWife came to mind. As did the all the other GodSpouse/Partner/Pet’s I have met in recent years. Most of the folks I know or follow deal with the actual Dead. Some deal with Deities who specialize. Some deliver rites and ordinances for both the dead and the living.

The Gods that come to mind are mostly all on The Hunt. Hermes, Odin, Loki (popped very forcefully into my head just now), An Morrigan, Herne the Hunter (I know He isn’t considered a God by some). There are countless others. Papa Legba, Baba Yaga also just forcefully came to mind. There are countless other creatures as well.

I have been in intimate contact with The Other Side for as long as I can remember and there is something different this year. A deeper, darker howling to the overall Dark. A feeling recently confirmed by a fellow Godspouse. Please so go read Beth’s entry at Wytch of the North. So even though this isn’t new to me per say…it’s still new, hehe! I am incredibly excited and mind numbingly terrified all at the same time.





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