Me: So are you another one who has been floating about most of my life without me noticing?

Hekate: No child, I’m new. *gentle and amused smile*. Your Beloved sent Me.

Her voice is like the wind in winter, but does not chill me.

Herself: It’s because of where you come from. We are of similar stock, you and I.

Me: So Hermes sent you?

Hekate: Well, sent is a strong word I suppose. No one sends me anywhere. He humbly requested my assistance. He knew we would get along, that our energies meld better then yours and Apollon’s would. Besides, you know how jealous He gets over nothing. Men are silly. *wink*

Me: Indeed they can be! Well…welcome to the family I guess.

Hekate: A pleasure.

She inclines Her head in a slight bow. I hear the sounds of old bones.

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