For the record I am posting this under protest. Mr.Gloaty-pants had other ideas. *rolls eyes*

Contains some 18+ content.

The Gift

His hands were rough, desperate. Like his life depended on feeling my naked skin against his. He’s always been a good lover but at times like these he somehow manages to elevate it to a sublime experience. He is my Man, my Master and I live to obey at moments like these.

His eyes are wild, they seem to shimmer like green flame. He holds me tight against Him, my breasts crushed against His hard chest, His erection like hot steel against my belly. I moan and remain pliant in His arms, lacing my arms around His neck. He grabs my hair hard enough to hurt and grinds a hot, passionate kiss against my lips. I let Him take what He needs. He is always like this when He returns from a trip. He gently removes my arms from His neck and crosses my wrists behind my back, I know He wants me to keep them together as if bound. It’s one thing to obey when physically restrained, it’s another entirely otherwise. It heightens emotion to an almost unbearable level.

He drops to His knees, hands gripping my hips. He leans forward and places a tender kiss just below my belly button. He peers up and watches as I shiver, nipples tingling, back arching. A low growl of desire escapes Him. I feel the soft fibre of the cord as He wraps it around my waist, thing it tight enough to not slip down. I swallow hard, electric blue sparks of energy igniting where His skin touches mine. He looks up at me again, strong arms wrapped around my hips, an utterly content and blissful smile on His full lips.

“All Mine now. Finally.”

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