Beware the rant below…

To all those people who have been spouting off lately about shaman sickness and how pharmaceutical’s are a crutch and screw around with your connection to the Divine…FUCK YOU!

For reason I will not get into I’ve had a major lapse in medication. I’m currently suffering Cymbalta withdrawal. All will be well soon, I’m making sure the MS gets me into the clinic tomorrow.

I digress though.

I can tell you though that my communication’s with the other side are shite at the moment. Not because of taking the meds prescribed but by NOT taking them. I realize that the withdrawal itself can mess with things but it’s not just that. It’s the constant chatter of my brain as it obsessively goes over every second that has past or will pass to make sure I didn’t say something wrong that is causing issues. The tight chest feeling of anxiety. The random and intense nerve firing that occurs with Fibromyalgia. The constant fear.

It is these things that screw with my ability to contact/be contacted from the Other Side.

When I am taking my meds as prescribed I hear Them so much better.

*I didn’t get to the clinic yesterday, day was too hectic! Am going straight out to the clinic once it opens today.

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