What Being Syncretized Looks Like


The Heart of the Matter

This is what life as a sycretist looks like. This is the often-times personal flails that we have to process on our own, have to sort on our own because most people don’t understand.  Most people spend too much judging how another’s relationship with a God ought to look like.


These are the many (primary source) documented faces of Himself. He is many things to many people and yet He is The Same One.

Beyond these, there are the Ones that have no name, ones that He appears to me that are not in the primary sources, and yet they are still The Same One.

I asked Him,”Why do I need to know all of these names and faces?” and He said that it was time I knew HIM and not just one tiny bit of Him; that with so many facets to Himself it was silly to hold any…

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