Fire and Ink

I am not a reconstructionist. I am a devotional polytheist. There has been a lot of UGP and “woo” in my practise.

UPG means “unverified personal gnosis” where “gnosis” means “knowlege”. I have seen that some people have begun to use UPD, which means “unverified personal doxa” where “doxa” means “belief”. “Woo” means paranormal/spiritual experiences, such as communicating with deities and spirits, spirit working and astral travelling.

There is another term used by some about UPG and woo, and that is MSU, which means “making shit up”, which I find to be a rather rude and hostile attitude.

UPG can be problematic. Should one believe all UPG? Is it a case of everyone has their own reality and gnosis, and it’s all valid? Is it enough to say, this is my UPG but YMMV (your mileage may vary)? This is where discernment comes in. You can’t believe everything everyone says on…

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