Celebrating the new moon isn’t anything new for me. Having it seem to be more of a focus then the full moon is a bit of a novelty and was a pleasant surprise when I started my research. As usual I was woefully unprepared, in my opinion. The Higher Ups seen quite pleased though. The only reason Hekate Deipnon went off without a hitch was because I had been planning a revamp and cleaning of my shrine/altar for the coming new year anyways.

I didn’t do anything specific for Noumenia or Agathos Daimon but they were interesting days/nights nonetheless. On Noumenia itself we had friends visit us from the Sunshine Coast. Had a tasty dinner and fun times were had by the adults and the toddlers. Later that evening I read up a bit more on the holiday which mentioned a feast of some sort. Unfortunately I didn’t write down the source but I figure good food and friends are a fitting “sacrifice” for any Holy occasion.

Agathos Daimon I actually had no plans whatsoever beyond taking my offerings laid out at my doorstep on Hekate Deipnon to the creek near my home named Stoney Creek. I had a dog to walk that day so I took what remained; A raw egg in shell, poppy seeds now rehydrated by the rain, a couple half eaten fresh cranberries and a couple partially rehydrated pieces of zucchini. There had been wheat grains as well but they were gone entirely. On my way over the creek on the way to work there was a man and two boys standing at the edge of the now full and fast running water so I carefully wrapped up my offerings and placed them in my purse.

Upon my return I was free too take the small space to stand and turned my head away from the water as I crouched to fetch the offerings. Sometimes when I have a spiritual experience there are physical precursors. One of them is this strange thing that happens with sound, all the noise will focus down, like volume being turned down combined with sticking your head in an empty bucket or fish bowl, there will be a heartbeat of silence before the sounds reverses and everything goes back to sounding normal. So this happened as I turned my head away, as soon as the sound returned I heard this smooth, silky sounding splash which was out of character for the water that day, it was pouring at this point. I turned back to empty the bag and no more then two feet away from my toes is a very large King(Chinook) Salmon. He gracefully and almost effortlessly followed the deeper water, going against the current, to the spawning area I know is upstream. With shaking hands I let my gifts into the water. I stayed, communing, breathless still from this incredible meeting with the Salmon, until the current gently coaxed the egg downstream and out of sight.

I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland my entire life. Have spend many of those years around its lakes, oceans and waterways. I’ve never seen a live salmon. Let alone one running upstream on a creek that has only been rehabilitated relatively recently. It was only this summer that I caught my first fish. The experience left me shaken but in a good way. I’m hoping to take the Little Man down one day soon to watch the run and see if we are lucky to see more.

The pictures below I took not long before the days above. The first is going downstream, it’s what the salmon came up. The second is upstream, a much easier journey.



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