Poseidon Psychopompos — a link!

Love this Hymn!!
I know so little about Poseidon, seeing Psychopompos attached to His name made my brain explode. (In that mind altering, “ah ha”! sort of way.)

Strip Me Back to the Bone

Love, love, love to pieces this hymn to Odin Poseidon* Psychpompos. This is another beautiful and timely piece of writing. Thanks, Terence!

* that’s me tongue-in-cheek and poking fun. Once upon a time, a somewhat prominent heathen author decided to suggest that Odin and Poseidon are, in fact, the same god, which was hilarious to me for so many many reasons, and it’s a fun little game here at the Nunnery to play, now and again. Which is why we have People in our family such as Poseodin, from time to time . . . .

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