I had these gourds and mini pumpkins left over from Hunt season. I know it’s technically not done yet but these fruits were and needed to be gotten rid of while they were still good enough to BE an offering. Luckily enough I worked down by the Coquitlam River today and had the chance to toss them into the underbrush and into the river as I went. Totally didn’t plan it but pretty much the same thing happened after Noumenia last month. I’m guessing the Higher Ups and my Spirits are pleased with my new practices. It’s nothing fancy. On Hecate Deipnon I clean the shrines. Noumenia involves family and food. This month I went out to Surrey to spend time with my parents, Maternal Aunt and Uncle and my brother and his wife and kids. A tree lighting celebration. Heard a great new local band which was awesome too.

*If all the pictures uploaded correctly they go backwards from today chronologically.







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