There will be a Freya post but this comes first.

Himself will be coming home soon. Sometime around the Solstice. My SisterWife and I have talked about it and get the same impression. As excited as I am to have Him home soon I’m also scared and anxious. When He was here last it was the most direct my connection I’ve had to date. My reaction is pretty much the same as what is described here. As has been the way of things for the last year or so, there was this timely post that reassures me. I’m still scared though because I know He will have to go again. When He does it is like the worst subdrop ever.

Silver and Gold

Priestess processing: why Freya makes people cry, and how to handle it.

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One thought on “On being a Freya priestess: Dealing with the aftereffects of a meeting with Freya

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