I was feeling very heartbroken the other day. I’d realized after posting on a group that I was a devotee of An Morrigan that She is no longer with me in that sense. If I call Her she still answers but She has told me that “the war is over” and I am no longer in need of Her “services”. She was most kind about it and I still care for Her deeply. It feels like a Mother and chick scenario, I’m being booted out of the nest after 15 years. While I was wallowing…well I suppose I was more pondering…this warm sense of love came over me and I realized the Lady had come to call. Freyja.

She’s not exactly what I expected. I had read so much about Her being a love Goddess and akin to Aphrodite. Physical beauty has never been something I’ve focused on overly much. She’s since said to me “Why can’t you be beautiful and strong?” and has chided me gently on practicing what I preach when it comes to beauty, the physical is not the only component.

So I must say goodbye to yet another entrenched part of my life and welcome a new part. She has been gentle with me and kind. I am very fond of Her already.

Hail to Our Lady.

One thought on “My Lady

  1. When things were dark and falling apart she came to me in goldamber light through the blinds. She showed me my own beauty when I’d never seen it unaided and taught me to love the parts of myself that were sore and used or atrophied as much as the parts that were plump and plentiful. She taught me to care about beauty when my mind told me not to and how the tears that you shed burn through you and work alchemy on your soul. She encouraged me to let go and fall back and she made sure that I was caught. Words fail to describe her wonder. Hail Freyja! (I’ve heard that she and the Morrigan are not dissimilar in some ways but I have no personal experience with the Battlecrow).

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