The Library of Overstanding

Hermes Trismegistus the Thrice-Great

Hermes is a figure associated with wisdom transmitted to man from divine sources. Historically, the name Hermes referred to several different personages:

The Greek god Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia messenger for Zeus god of commerce and the market; patron of traders, merchants and thieves the Divine Herald who leads dead souls down to the underworld inventor of the lyre, the pipes, the musical scale, astronomy, weights and measures, boxing, gymnastics and the care of olive trees.

Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom and science the moon-god, represented in ancient paintings as ibis-headed with the disc and crescent of the moon the god of letters and the recording of time.

The Roman god, Mercury, messenger of the gods messenger for Zeus had winged sandals, a winged hat, and a golden Caduceus, or magic wand, with entwined snakes and rising wings believed to possess magical powers over…

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