**Feeling less confused and overwhelmed but sharing this post anyways. I wrote it might as well share it.

There’s so many People about these days and I’m feeling so confused and overwhelmed. Frustrated.

I have Studies that I am supposed to be pursuing. A lot of them. Celtic based ones for my Druid Apprenticeship, which I still consider a valid area of training even though I rarely work with Insular Celtic Deities these days. I have Greek studies for Himself, even though He has shown me what feels like countless faces and names for Himself over the past couple months. Included are studies for Hekate. And possibly Ares. And Poseidon. See what I mean? That’s not even touching on the inundation of Northern (Norse/Icelanic) Things!!!

*brain explosion*

And then there’s material life to deal with. Work, Christmas(of the secular and religious variety), random weather patterns that all but keep me in bed(yay chronic illnesses!). So yeah.

*hides in a corner behind a plant.

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