Devotional Poem for Freya, by Sarenth Odinsson

Silver and Gold

Devotional Poem for Freya

I hear Your Whisper
In the moments between time
Where my heart has beaten and presses
The blood running hot
I hear You in the darkness
In my thoughts
Your words caress my mind
When I put my fingers to keys
I feel your hand
Your whisper in my heart
“Write without shame”
So I will write
Of your glory
Your luscious curves
Your eyes that stab the heart
Your iron will set in soft flesh
Your firm hands that hold lover or spear with grace
Your heart that gives solace and joy
Your soul that enflames the tinder of so many dried hearts
How could I praise you higher
Than by saying I have come to love myself
Through Your hands, Your fire, Your love?
That by your patience and demands
I have seen the face of love? Looked…

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Birds of Omen

There have been SO many woodpeckers that have appeared since things got serious with Himself. I find this bit of writing fascinating. Just the other day I saw a tiny little black and white woodpecker. I don’t know what they are called yet.

Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 21 (trans. Celoria) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) :
“Zeus loathed them [the giants Agrios and Oreios] and sent Hermes to punish them . . . [and] Hermes he changed them into birds. Polyphonte became a small owl . . . she is a portent of war and sedition for mankind. Oreios became an eagle owl, a bird that presages little good to anyone when it appears . . . Their female servant was changed into a woodpecker. As she was changing her shape she prayed to the gods not to become a bird evil for mankind. Hermes and Ares heard her prayer because she had by necessity done what her masters had ordered. This a bird of good omen for someone going hunting or to feasts.”




**Feeling less confused and overwhelmed but sharing this post anyways. I wrote it might as well share it.

There’s so many People about these days and I’m feeling so confused and overwhelmed. Frustrated.

I have Studies that I am supposed to be pursuing. A lot of them. Celtic based ones for my Druid Apprenticeship, which I still consider a valid area of training even though I rarely work with Insular Celtic Deities these days. I have Greek studies for Himself, even though He has shown me what feels like countless faces and names for Himself over the past couple months. Included are studies for Hekate. And possibly Ares. And Poseidon. See what I mean? That’s not even touching on the inundation of Northern (Norse/Icelanic) Things!!!

*brain explosion*

And then there’s material life to deal with. Work, Christmas(of the secular and religious variety), random weather patterns that all but keep me in bed(yay chronic illnesses!). So yeah.

*hides in a corner behind a plant.


Something is coming. I can feel it. There is a vibration in the air. I’m guessing the coming solstice has something to do with it but there is something else and I can’t place it. Freyja wants me to cut my hair but I don’t know exactly why yet. Something to do with Seidr.

I’m so confused right now. Just a month or so ago I was ordered requested to learn all things Greek and Roman for my Beloveds aspect as Hermes/Mercury. But I’ve been whisked away to the North. I think Thor may have had something to do with it. And I think it involves my SisterWife.

The Northern Gods Are Not White

I steered clear of Heathenism for quite a few years due to racist groups. So my many thanks go to Sarenth for posting this.

Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

The Gods of Heathenry and Northern Tradition Paganism are not white. They are Gods who were historically worshiped by continental or non-continental Northern Europeans. White, as a descriptor to describe people of a certain skin color, and generally speaking certain ethnic backgrounds, is relatively recent in modern description. It is completely socially constructed, and its use has been, throughout history, to marginalize other people and to place ‘whiteness’ as superior. It has no place in Heathenry or the Northern Tradition.

I absolutely reject the idea, finding it repugnant and blasphemous, to place our Gods in the context of ‘whiteness’. There is no such thing as ancient ‘white history’; there is ancient Germanic history, ancient Icelandic history, and so on. ‘White history’, as such, is a relatively new construction. It, and whiteness in general, was initially put forth by the British to make colonization and the other imperialistic ambitions of the…

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I may live in Canada but snow isn’t exactly normal for the Lower Mainland. My MS tells me that we can be considered part of the Pacific Northwest.

The torrential rain was interesting enough. It snowed about four days ago and it’s still here. Barely any melting!