I’m scared. Deep down inside. Accepting Poseidon and what He asks for involves me going Deep. Way down into the Deep.I will go because He asks it of me and He is right behind me, keeping me safe. The water though, it stifles me. The Cold takes my breath. Ignites the primal flight response in my brain. But They both say it will be okay. And I trust them, my chosen Love and my fated King. I may be scared but I am fighter, since I took my first breath of air 32 years ago, three months early. Apparently I’ve been fleeing the Waters since the beginning, hehe! I’m also exhilarated. Life is complicated.

2 thoughts on “Turning Fear Into Love

  1. ❤ The words of encouragement I want to say mean nothing, because you'll have to get through the fear, but know I'm over here, giddy ever time you mention Poseidon.

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