I was down at the Coquitlam River for the first time in a few months today. Had a nice walk and then sat in one of my favourite spots under the bridge for Lougheed Highway. I lit a candle and a stick of Nag Champa. It tooka couple tries to get the rock shelter right so the candle wouldn’t go out, there was a slight breeze. As I sat and meditated a small dark grey bird came over. I’ve seen this little bird before but still haven’t figured out what type it is. It looked like a perching bird but was bobbing about in the water like a duck, walking around in the shallows and even going under water and using its wings to propel itself short distances. It was eating little worms and tiny fish. Poseidon had come to stand behind where I was sitting. Hermes was there in voice only. Poseidon accepted my offerings of candle and incense and asked me to clean up some of the garbage as I left. This is to be a new Thing for me, cleaning shorelines when I am able. As I watched the bird, Hermes spoke and reassured me that there was no animosity between Himself and Poseidon and that just like the bird, the three of us would work on my travelling between and through the different Worlds. Also, during my walk, a black butterfly with an orange/white stripe on its wings flitted about me for a few minutes. It was a great day.

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