As the title suggest, Himself had to chime in and give me some “homework”. Which involves me watching a Kristen Stewart movie. Yucky. SO. I give you Hermes, as He was in the beginning with me, The Hunstman.


And Just because He likes to throw me curve balls whenever He can, apparently I need to keep my eye on the Prince as well. Really if you smoosh these two characters together, image wise, you would get a pretty good rendition of what He looks like to me.

Snow-white-prince-claflin-kc-5-31 Snow_White_and_the_Huntsman_(2012)_-_Clip_William_Joinse_Finn_And_His_Riders 639033_016 sam_clafin_t500x210

2 thoughts on “The Trickster Cannot Be Outdone

  1. Kristen Stewart, the queen of the duh faces, lol! I feel sorry for you. But it was worth it to get these lessons, right?

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