Loki is my travelling Companion today. I asked His help in figuring out vows for my Marriage to Poseidon. A good friend said He was good with words. He’s been flitting about for a few months but this last week or two has been inundated with all things Dandelion. Sunday I was prompted to wear these key earrings that I totally forgot about and had to go looking for. That afternoon I received a sheer orange salwar kameez with gorgeous sequins and embroidery. Reddish brown is the colour of the day. And of course I had to get a new notebook since I like having separate books for each of Them. Another reason He is about probably has a lot to do with my recent realizations about my gender identity and sexuality(which may or may not be a post…Loki says yes.).  The picture below is if the notebooks and pretty pens He requested. The headphones are because I forgot mine at home and will explode without music.



One thought on “Companions

  1. Loki is not only good at words, but symbols and showing you things. He’s the exact opposite of me, I can’t make up anything for shit, and most of the time can’t figure out what to say. I love your rainbow pens. Now I want to get some, lol.

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