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Magick From Scratch

In case you looked at my “Gods and Spiritual Alchemy” article and sighed, “TLDR,” or read it quickly, or read it and saw the interesting circle casting that I just slipped in there without any explanation, I thought I’d do you the service of presenting it again, this time with some explanation of what I was thinking.

When do polytheists need a circle casting?

For normal devotionals, I would avoid them. In Hellenismos, anyway, the holiest virtue is Hospitality, and hosting a devotional event where strangers can’t amble in is a lot like closing the door on the gods themselves. In fact, if strangers show up (which they often do, when ritual is outdoors in a picnic area), I behave as though they are gods in disguise until it is proven otherwise. Any impediment to accepting them into my space immediately and with pleasure needs to be done away…

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