They are close, the two of Them, my Lover and my King. Both have physically touched me in the last week. It’s a strange thing to be touched by Someone who isn’t materially there. I was at a jewelry party my Sister-In-Law had on Wednesday last week. Poseidon touched me then, a gentle touch on my waist and hip, as if He had walked up beside me and lay His hand on my hip to pull me closer to Him. A feeling very similar to the one my mortal spouse inspired filled me. It was warm and smooth and comforting. I’m too exhausted to recall where or when the second touch of the week came but it was Hermes. Ah yes, the usual tingly touch on the back of my neck and lower back. His touch fills me with liquid heat. It’s a little strange to see Hermes easily give up time with me for Poseidon. The Work I am called to do for them is almost identical so the fact They are working together isn’t odd. Just that Hermes, who I’ve come to know as a most obstinate creature so willingly gives time up. He and I are still married in a sense, it’s just a lot more long distance then when He first appeared.

A Single Explosion 

A very good description of how I’m feeling right now in regards to my Loves. Don’t mind the funky formatting, I’m writing from my cell phone and have limited editing ability.

Written and performed by Matthew Good.

“A Single Explosion”

I dreamt last night of sirens

By flashlight I had found you

You just held my hand

By the bright lights in some ICU

Even the planless have a plan
I can’t write love songs when I’m on these things

I’m affable, responsible, but hard to be around

It’s correctible and they’re right you know

It’s as easy as it sounds

It’s all as easy as it sounds
I dreamt last night I saw you

A single spark explosion negotiating with the dead

By the bright lights in some ICU

On my chest you put your head

And said…

There you are

There you are

There’s my heart

A Ludi Apollinares Competition!

Foxglove & Firmitas

A day late.  My apologies.

July 13th is the start of what were the Ludi Apollinares (Apollonian Games) in Ancient Rome.

This is the prize.  This can either be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist; I’ve put one of my silver clasps on it.  The glass beads I’ve unfortunately lost note on of who made them, but I can say that I bought them directly from the artist who made them.  There are 11 herkimer diamonds.  The rest is quartz or garnet on hand-knotted silk.  The value of this necklace is somewhere around $200; I’ve not done the exact math.

So how can you win it?

These are the rules…

1. To enter, you must create an image, prayer, or poem in honor of Apollon.  You must be willing to release the rights into the Creative Commons, and I will feature it on this blog in the…

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I’m feeling very emotionally raw today. My empathic senses are on full blast. I don’t think I’ve done this much deep breathing since I was in labour with my son. I hate days like this, I feel fragile like glass.

The Meaning of Devotion, Emoi Ge.

I really needed to hear this right now. I’ve been struggling with WHAT to do to show my devotion and willingness to continue in all my relationships, mortal, Divine and otherwise.

Magick From Scratch

“If devotion does not simply mean letting gods do whatever they want to you, what does it mean?” — Zeus

This was a writing prompt given to me by Zeus. Of course, the words he chose rubbed me somewhat the wrong way, but you get what you get.

I really hate to write about devotion, for a number of reasons. Firstly, I often feel that by putting my own views forward, I am inherently stepping on toes. I have no right to define ‘devotion’ generally, for people. More than that, I don’t think of myself as being particularly religious. At the same time, I have very strong feelings about what devotion isn’t, and what it should be. I can’t rightly talk about what devotion is. I can only talk about what it is to me. 

Devotion, to me, implies active and willing participation in a relationship. I cannot just let Hermes…

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It’s A Hermes Kind Of Day

This was written earlier today. I was going to finish with how the rest of my day went but I’m all out of spoons. So enjoy the blurb!
Hermes is my companion today. In the first 40 minutes of my day I was greeted by sparrows and crowd, had a Northern Flicker fly about 10 feet in front of me for a good block. I’ve missed Him. The last few Retrogrades have been times of rest and reflection. I honestly can’t recall if He was here or somewhere else during the last two in recent memory. It’s a long day ahead. Lots of dogs to walk. New sports bra to try out, hehe! More unseasonably warm weather, it was 14C at 6am. The river at the last walk of the day will be very welcome. I had that walk added late last night. It’s the same place I did my marriage to Poseidon. I guess He would like a specific visit as well.

The Beginning.

I’m not Kemetic. I haven’t been for a VERY long time but this rang SO TRUE for SO many of my current flails regarding the Gods and Goddesses in my life. It made my heart all warm and happy. It also gave me courage to face Those I’ve been gently avoiding.

Mystical Bewilderment

About a week ago, I was told that I needed to go back to the beginning in order to get some clarity on everything that has been going on lately. Mostly that divination was talking about more mundane matters, but it actually makes a lot of sense when looking through the lens of one’s personal religious shenanigans. Sometimes, looking back across the span of time is a good way in order to get a whole lot of perspective on what is currently infesting your life. So, I went back to the beginning…

Not that long after I gave in and officially embraced the idea of developing a relationship with Sekhmet, I began getting “Hetheru feels.” It was a little daunting and very worrisome for me. I wanted to be a one deity kind of gal; I didn’t want to have a multitude to be at the constant beck and call…

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