So I had planned my marriage rite to Poseidon for this Saturday. It’s the day after Beltain so I thought that was fitting. I was going to go down to the beach where I had spent so much of my youth and have a fire and offerings and possibly a dip in the ocean. It would take me a couple hours on transit to get to the beach which was going to be rough, especially with my arthritis flaring. I figured the sacrifice of time/energy would be fitting. 

As is usual time and dates completely slipped my mind and all of a sudden the second is the day after tomorrow. Outside of contacting a dear friend to accompany me to the beach and figuring out a few minor details I have nothing planned. Saturday is usually family day, I haven’t even mentioned to my mortal spouse that I wanted to day to myself. Now I have to work also so going to the beach is entirely out of the question.

Coincidentally enough the dogs I walk on Saturday are down by the Coquitlam River. This is the river I was spending so much time at last Summer/Fall and it is also the place where I met Poseidon. Up until I started spending so much time walking along the river I had no name for the Presence that had been trying to get me to Listen. So maybe it’s a better place to marry Him. I feel unworthy because almost nothing I had planned will be possible. I can still slip the bottle of wine I’ve been saving for an offering into my work bag. A candle can be brought and lit by the waters. I can whisper my vows and prayers.

Maybe it’s not so unworthy after all.

3 thoughts on “Marriage Rite

  1. If and when you make it to the ocean, I would be willing to barter some Canadian Pacific water for some American Atlantic that I will be collecting on pilgrimage this summer.

    All the best on your wedding. It will be enough.

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