This was written earlier today. I was going to finish with how the rest of my day went but I’m all out of spoons. So enjoy the blurb!
Hermes is my companion today. In the first 40 minutes of my day I was greeted by sparrows and crowd, had a Northern Flicker fly about 10 feet in front of me for a good block. I’ve missed Him. The last few Retrogrades have been times of rest and reflection. I honestly can’t recall if He was here or somewhere else during the last two in recent memory. It’s a long day ahead. Lots of dogs to walk. New sports bra to try out, hehe! More unseasonably warm weather, it was 14C at 6am. The river at the last walk of the day will be very welcome. I had that walk added late last night. It’s the same place I did my marriage to Poseidon. I guess He would like a specific visit as well.

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