They are close, the two of Them, my Lover and my King. Both have physically touched me in the last week. It’s a strange thing to be touched by Someone who isn’t materially there. I was at a jewelry party my Sister-In-Law had on Wednesday last week. Poseidon touched me then, a gentle touch on my waist and hip, as if He had walked up beside me and lay His hand on my hip to pull me closer to Him. A feeling very similar to the one my mortal spouse inspired filled me. It was warm and smooth and comforting. I’m too exhausted to recall where or when the second touch of the week came but it was Hermes. Ah yes, the usual tingly touch on the back of my neck and lower back. His touch fills me with liquid heat. It’s a little strange to see Hermes easily give up time with me for Poseidon. The Work I am called to do for them is almost identical so the fact They are working together isn’t odd. Just that Hermes, who I’ve come to know as a most obstinate creature so willingly gives time up. He and I are still married in a sense, it’s just a lot more long distance then when He first appeared.

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