I’ve been shirking some of my Duties lately at home and how I honour it and my Gods. It has become stagnant. There are a few things I’ve done but tonight I set out with sacred intent, not just cleaning because it’s messy. I have a passionate love for plants and as far as house plants go African Violets/Gesneriads and Orchids are my particular favourites. My collection of violets has been severely neglected. Almost all of them have sprouted babies and all need to be re-potted. I started the first step by treating them with more respect. I cleaned the dead and marked leaves and any wilted flowers, the repotting itself will have to happen a bit later, I need soil. Each now has a saucer or ceramic pot that they sit in, no more makeshift tin foil dishes. Cleaned the window sill and shelf they sit on and got most of the window itself washed. All house plants were watered. Tomorrow I will spray them with fertilizer. Over the last couple weeks I’ve also been getting reacquainted with my container gardens. The Higher Ups are pleased.

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