So the God that generally calls Himself Poseidon has been very close the last few days. Keeping me company as I work, helping to keep me focused, helping to ensure I take it easy. I recently stopped all but my anxiety medication to prepare for having another child so I’ve had to take much more care in how far I push things. (If my health woes interest you, go here). During most of the Retrograde Hermes was close but He has gone again, as is His nature. Says He will be back soon…maybe. Silly Man. 

In His absence though Poseidon has moved in. I can hear Him much clearer, feel His presence much stronger then ever before. He has shown me His charm, wit, steadfastness. He has also shown me His Darkness(there is a post in the works), vulnerability and a “new face”. He’s still Poseidon, He hasn’t changed in that way but He has taken on the trappings of a Cajun man. His hair is still dark but it has lost it’s curl. His beard is gone so I can see and not just feel that strong jaw. His eyes twinkle with mirth, His voice now taking on a slight drawl. Occasional bits of Cajun French. His hilarious. And knee melting. To my surprise He has also given me a human or mortal name to call Him by when I wish. The Gods always keep me on my toes.

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