He is so present today. So HERE. The atmosphere around me is heavy with His presence. We had some VERY intense devotional time. I wish I had a word for what it is w/We do; This isn’t specific to Poseidon but to most of the Gods and Creatures I Work with. It’s like meditation, journaling, “daydreaming”, vision questing (when I have the available herbs) and oracle work all rolled into one. I’m not sure how much of our conversation I’m going to share yet. Like I said, intense. He is everything and nothing like I expected. Between that, cleaning/packing, family fun time (which is amazing and I love it but eats up so many spoons), and the adventure that is getting my child to bed I am utterly spent. There were a few revelations though that totally sent me for a loop. There will be posts. Sleep well my friends.

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