Formatting Note: I did not edit this, just went into trance, wrote, copy, pasted, posted.

He showed me His Darkness. He is the Father of Monsters and there is a Darkness that lives in Him. Dark like the sea at night. Darker still like the deepest reaches of the ocean. He came to me in a dream, not as a Man as Hermes has, but as Himself. There was only Him and I and the Darkness. His eyes were red, like garnets. A Monster’s eyes in the dark.
He asked me if I could accept it. If I could take this part of Him along with the Light. To my own internal surprise I was not afraid, I did not run. I was awestruck and dumbfounded by the sheer immensity of Him. This all encompassing presence. Wrapped around me like velvet. I was never one to think that Gods could have doubts, that They could fear, but they do. I had felt that same aching tension before as my deepest self was revealed to my closest loves. It’s that split second where it seems your very life hangs in the balance and you go from dizzying heights to the lowest of lows. Where you are certain your heart is going to burst. As seems to be the custom now I did not speak but “thought” my response. I opened myself and let Him feel my love and acceptance of all that He is; In half a heartbeat I was flooded with His joy and relief. 

I ran errands for Him in my dream. I do not remember what they were but a part of Him came with me in the form of a Man; This man looked very much like the picture of Remy Lebeau/Gambit that is attached to this post. I was also wrapped in this purple-black presence that only showed itself when I returned to Him; It would remove itself from me and return to the larger Shadow that was Poseidon. The Man would disappear as well and He would wrap all of Himself around me again and cradle me in this weightlessness. I remember going out three times for Him but not what I was doing. I’m hoping to get more memory of it with some meditation in the near future.

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