Very good description of how my practice works too! I love finding folks who have similar ways of engaging the Divine.

Beloved in Light

Often when I explain that I am Hellenic (over a decade there) and Hindu (baby Hindu at that) there seems to be a concept of following some sort of Eclectism. In reality it ends up being more complicated than that because I am not just picking elements of what I like but rather merging two full religious traditions. But making it work means I have to recognize too what is purely Hellenic and what is purely Sanatana Dharma. That means in daily private home based private worship I have to still distinguish things. Where in general prayers and in shrine building I often show off my syncretic beliefs, I also do traditional rituals of each religion. This also requires me to recognize that there are not perfect syncretisms, and while many gods syncretize and shrine share for that reason, most other gods do not and are worshipped independently.

This means whereas…

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