Beautiful. ❤

Strip Me Back to the Bone

It is our history that bring me here, to this dark place.
Our history affords me the courage to stand before You in this dark, heavy place.
The weight of the earth above is crushing and You are so immense I can only see to Your knees.
I can’t convince my eyes to travel higher.
I can’t convince my head to move.
It’s all I can do to stand and not crumple at Your feet.
The weight of Your regard is oppressive.
It’s damning, that weight.
You see everything
You see past everything,
and for a moment we are not devotee and God
For a moment I am a consuming, devouring, destroying beast
One of the many locusts upon the earth,
Only locusts do not do what we do, and that, too, is in Your regard.
With blood streaming into the soil, down concrete, into the rivers
With blood saturating…

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