*dreamy sighs*

True Pagan Warrior

Dark and murky lord of depths
what secrets furrow your brow?
What mysteries must you bear
deep in the depths of your heart?

The unfathomable depths
hold treasure untold
lost by frail mortals
whose deeds are unknown.

Into your deep lies much that is hidden
but there is no darkness
nor silt nor turbulent brine
that hides from your piercing eye.

The secrets of mortals are yours to know,
but what other knowledge is thine?
Are there times when the weight of this darkness
prevents you from raising your mighty brow?

The nameless, the faceless,
the untold horrors
are brought to your feet
as trusted guardian.

Take the shiftless darkness
that touches my soul,
if bearing one more burden
will not break you down.

Unfettered, I shall rise
and in the shining sun
sing praises to the selfless god,
the dark and murky one.

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