Pain is a funny thing. As a teen my physical pain helped me to find Them. Working through that pain helped me to learn the focus I needed to hear Them better. In the process of hiding that pain I learnt a certain level of self control that has come in handy recently with all the chatter from Them. It can also be a blocker though. Enough pain, and all the chemicals released by the body that go along with it, can effectively silence my Godphone/radio. The last few weeks have been like this. The medications I’ve been taking to manage my chronic illness are also pretty good blockers of communication. So for weeks I’ve been asking the question, over and over, Who am I speaking to? Could you clarify that please? WHO THE FUCK IS TALKING??? Hermes had to all but throw a whole bird worth of feathers at me to clue in that is was Him at the beginning of the month. Luckily my two Kings have a bit of a system going on. From the evening of the 3rd of the month to the evening of the 7th I belong to Hermes, so to speak. I focus on His voice, His teachings, His lessons and presence. The rest of the month I am Poseidon’s. I’d completely forgotten about this(yay for Fibro brain!). They both laughed gently at me when I remembered. My studies have pretty much stopped completely due to the communication issues. Earlier in the week my birthday gift to myself arrived; A tin of the smoking blend from Mountain Rose Herbs and a 4 oz bag of Mugwort to add to incense or smoke on it’s own. Hekate says we need mugwort as well to really get the wheels greased. I can feels things starting up again after the last few weeks of quiet so I’m excited and scared as seems to be the case for pretty much all my spiritual interactions. I have one dog to walk today for work, after that there will be a bunch of blog posts. You have been warned!

3 thoughts on “Static On The Line

  1. Thats how it was for me a few months ago when I was having major panic attacks and other problems. Things were dead for awhile. I also had people telling me when I worried about being abandoned that it was the stress and pain I was dealing with, not offending, that caused the temporary block.

  2. Fibro sucks. Heck, sometimes I can’t string words together in a sentence for myself, let alone figure out what the gods are saying. Hang in there, sending love, light, and extra spoons.

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