As I made myself coffee this morning He “whispered” in my ear that He would also like a cuppa. I’ve seen many friends and strangers offer coffee but have only been prompted once before by Odin, last Winter. Poseidon didn’t want it strong, said the gentle brew that I make was fine. So I made us each a cup, His black and placed on our little patio garden. He was rather specific about the cup as well. I didn’t sit outside, it was still rather cool out. I’m outside now though, with a nice warm sunbeam on me and the rest of the sky is cloudy. 

Thank my Lord, for being with me this day and all days. Lord of Storms. 


4 thoughts on “Coffee With Poseidon 

    1. I usually have spur of the moment shopping choices that wind up as offerings. I’m trying to make things more “official” though and listen better for those promptings instead of following a “whim”.

  1. I’ve been pouring him coffee libations for several years, so I may have given him a taste for it black. 😉

    The fictional sailor Starbuck was a coffee drinker, which is what got me started.

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