Recently Apollon appeared. Apparently w/We have Things to discuss, specifically in regards to oracle work. Both Apollon and Poseidon whisper to me of “adornments”, which I resist heartily. I fear hubris. This post has eased the majority of my issues. ❤

I really should learn to listen and trust Them.

Beloved in Light

There is a certain thought out there, especially as I have noticed when reading on Vedic practices, that particular stones are by their virtue connected to a particular energy of a divine being, whether this be planetary or among higher deities. The wearing of these stones, minerals or substances in a sense endows the wearer with the grace of that deity, or in the case of the statue increases the flow of the divine presence between the deity and the icon (such as I have seen described on one website of a temple raising funds for a diamond crown for Lakshmi). This is the same idea in regards to wear the rudraska beads. That this can be in common with thoughts regarding Hellenic theurgy cannot be mistaken that a substance could endow a greater connection to a deity by its natural virtues and clarifications through its creation through the natural…

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