HELLE was the goddess of the Hellespont Sea bridging the Aegean and Black Seas. She was once a mortal princess, the daughter of King Athamas of Boiotia by the cloud-nymphe Nephele. Her stepmother Ino was jealous of her stepchildren, and tricked Athamas into offering Helle and her brother Phrixos as a sacrifice to the gods. But Nephele sent Khrysomallos, the golden-fleeced ram, to rescue the pair.
During their flight to safety Helle grew tired and fell from the back of the animal into the sea. Some say she drowned, others that she was rescued by Poseidon and transformed into a sea-goddess (apotheosis). The sea was named Hellespontos “the Sea of Helle” after her.



For MONTHS I have been compelled towards The Black Sea. It repeats it my head. Hopefully this tidbit will help explain why. Eventually.

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