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Hades and Loving the Dead

The image above is not mine, I Googled ‘Hades’.

In my childhood, when I first read the Greek myths, Hades was one of the Gods who caught my eye. I’ve ALWAYS loved spooky and cthonic things. As with most of the Greek/Roman Things, I turned away from Him once I hit my preteen years and got all man-angry(long story, message if you want to hear it, hehe!). In the last year, with ALL things going Greek/Roman on me, Hades has once again caught my eye. I’ve seen Him in my astral travels, on the periphery. He stands in the banks of a river, wearing a black hooded cloak, I can see the lower part of His face and He smiles, bowing slightly. Since I made my final decision to focus on death work and thana-doula training and study, He has been even more prominent. I feel Him close. I then had a conversation with a friend about Him and I remembered how I felt the first time I ‘met’ Him. It also makes sense. When I was a cook and a pastry chef my number one rule was make friends with the dishwashers, they will save your ass regularly. My theory on Divine Entities is the same, make friends with the Ones who specialize in your area of interest. That comparison made much more sense in my head but I’m tired and running on like half a spoon. What I’m trying to say is that regardless of my personal feelings towards Him, making friends with the King of the Dead, when one plans on helping the Dead is generally a good idea. 
With that being said I’m going to Google search some images and get all dreamy and swoony, hehe! šŸ˜‰ 

Songs of Praise

I am working on what I call a poem but which the God who generally likes to be called Poseidon, calls a song. Rough draft was awful. First draft somewhat acceptable. I’m hoping to get it finished by this weekend. I’m collaborating with someone on a project so everyone has to wait to read it. I haven’t written poetry in AGES. It’s fun but reminds me of my poetry sprees as a teen. At least this time I am writing about things that make me happy.


They all play a role in my life. And it is always in flux. This is the general idea though.

Poseidon is my Lover, my Husband, my King.

Hermes is my Lover, my Husband, my King, a Hunting Partner, Fellow Warrior

Apollo is my Priest, a ‘Spirit Worker’, He helps to guide and teach in the ways of Readings.

Aphrodite is my Friend, my Mother, my Huntress, my Mirror, my Love

And there’s Loki, Who does not give me another name to call Him besides Coyote. He is a very dear friend of mine and a ‘business partner’ or sorts, I tend to do a lot of readings for Lokeans. And He loves and watches over my son.

Odin is my Father in Heaven. A solid Rock and Foundation I can rest upon.

The Morrigan is my previous Patroness, an Old and Dear Friend Who is with me Always. 

Now…language and names are a complicated thing. At this point in my Path and Learning, Who and What the God(s) actually are is really wibbly wobbly (totally timey wimey Dr Who shit). Besides Their continued support in one form or another, nothing is constant. The names used are the ones They currently prefer.

Conversation Notes – September 20th 2015

  • I want to peel back all the layers and find the original simple worshipping
  • I need more deep lizard brain ritual, it’s why I gravitate towards ‘old’ religions
  • When I stumble across ritual that works for me there is this feeling I get deep inside, it’s a primordial thing. Like genetic memory.
  • That’s why I dig for the roots of ritual
  • I look for the one simple act that someone did so long ago that we’ve forgotten it even happened but it’s still there in my cells. Like the instinct for water.
  • Like baptism
  • A now sometimes complicated act that can essentially be traced back to birth. If that makes sense.
  • Or ‘fear’ based respect for the Divine. It’s fearful because It can kill you.
  • I adore bears and deeply respect them, I’m also terrified of them for damn good reasons. They can kill and eat me. Probably won’t, but you never really know.

Wildlife Sightings-September 16th 2015

Today was a good day for creature sightings. Along the Burnaby/New Westminster border. I expect to see the Northern Flickers, Crows, Sparrows, and Chicadees. I did not expect the Coyote directly across the lane from my son and I(and the two dogs I was walking), or the two grey Doves a few blocks before that. Always cheers me too see creatures in the city, let alone unusual birds and wild dogs.

And Loki.

Loki has been about a lot recently, mainly checking in on my child. I also seem to get a lot of Lokean’s who ask for readings when I do my oracle calls. We aren’t in any sort of intimate relations or anything like that. In His own words, “I like to use your services; The child I have fallen madly for.”

He’s a sweet heart and I love Him to bits. He always makes me laugh. He couldn’t be left out of course, this was His choice for the morning.

Protect and Survive
by The Dubliner’s
Well the government’s made a document
To help prevent embarrassment
And in the event of an accident
Catching us with our trousers down
It’s no use to you when you’re dead
Nor even when alive
And the name of this peace of paper is
Protect and survive

So when the nukes come raining down
It’s great to be alive, well
World War Three can be such fun
If you protect and survive
Protect and survive
Well a nuclear strike can be recognised
It would stand out in a crowd
There’s a flash, then a bang, then a blast of heat
And a bloody great mushroom cloud
So if you happen to see one at the end of your street
Will you please pick up the telephone
And inform your local police

Put sticky tape on your windows
Block your ears and close your eyes
Though it won’t make a blind bit of difference
You won’t have to watch yourself fry
If you find yourself in the target zone
And you haven’t got a shelter
Take a spade into the garden
And dig like merry hell sir

(Chorus) They’ve got strategic ICBMs
Both theatre and tactical
With independently targeted
Multiple re-entry vehicles
Backfire bombers, Polaris subs, cruise missiles
And the boys who hang around the Pentagon
Can’t wait to use these toys


When Armageddon gets underway
And the rockets come pouring down
All the bloody politicians who started it
Will scuttle off underground
And when they finally re-emerge
With no life to be found
They can administrate the rubble they made
And order each other around


Now they give us a four minute warning
When the rockets are on their way
To give us time to panic and Christians time to pray
So when you hear the sirens going
Place your head between your thighs
Whilst maintaining this posture
You can make a final gesture
And with a little muscular pressure
You can kiss your arse goodbye

So when the nukes come raining down
It’s great to be alive, well
World War Three can be such fun
If you protect and survive
Protect and survive
Protect and survive
Protect and…

When Poseidon Gets Silly

Sometimes He behaves like a goof. I’ve been struggling with an unusually busy work load and high pain levels. It makes me cranky. I think Poseidon was trying to lighten the mood. I can’t access the wonderful thing that is Pandora Radio here in the Great White North but I can shuffle the songs on an album when I listen. I get a good “music-mancy” type thing going on sometimes. Works almost as well as sexual energy in conveying information. Today was just fun though, nothing overly serious. His pick of a “love song” was this. What makes it extra funny for me personally is that He shows up as a ‘Old Man From The Sea’, usually Irish. So the older male voice of the lead singer fits perfectly. There were also moments of Pirate speak from Him which was highly entertaining as well.

Don’t Get Married
by The Dubliner’s
Don’t get married girls
You’ll sign away your life
You may start off as a woman
But you’ll end up as the wife
You could be a vestal virgin
Take the veil and be a nun
But don’t get married girls
For marriage isn’t fun

Oh it’s fine when you’re romancing
And he plays the lover’s part
You’re the roses in his garden
You’re the flame that warms his heart
And his love will last forever
And he’ll promise you the moon
But just wait until you’re wedded
Then he’ll sing a different tune

You’re his tapioca pudding
You’re the dumplings in his stew
But he’ll soon begin to wonder
What he ever saw in you
Still he takes without complaining
All the dishes you provide
For you see he’s got to have
His bit of jam tart on the side

So don’t get married girls
It’s very badly paid
You may start off as the mistress
But you’ll end up as the maid
Be a daring deep sea diver
Be a polished polyglot
But don’t get married girls
For marriage is a plot

Have you seen him in the morning
With a face that looks like death
With dandruff on his pillow
And tobacco on his breath
And he needs some reassurance
With his cup of tea in bed
For he’s worried by the mortgage
And the bald patch on his head

And he’s sure that you’re his mother
Lays his head upon your breast
So you try to boost his ego
Iron his shirt and warm his vest
Then you get him off to work
The mighty hunter is restored
And he leaves you there with nothing
But the dreams you can’t afford

So don’t get married girls
Men are all the same
They just use you when you need you
You’d do better on the game
Be a call girl, be a stripper
Be a hostess, be a whore
But don’t get married girls
For marriage is a bore

When he comes home in the morning
He can hardly spare a look
All he says is “What’s for dinner?”
After all you’re just the cook
But when he takes you to a party
Well he eyes you with a frown
For you know you’ve got to look your best
You mustn’t let him down

All he’ll clutch you with that
“Look what I’ve got” twinkle in his eyes
Like he’s entered for a raffle
And he’s won you for the prize
Oh but when the party’s over
You’ll be slogging through the sludge
Half the time a decoration
And the other half a drudge

So don’t get married
It’ll drive you round the bend
It’s the lane without a turning
It’s the end without an end
Take a lover every Friday
Take up tennis, be a nurse
But don’t get married girls
For marriage is a curse

Then you get him off to work
The mighty hunter is restored
And he leaves you there with nothing
But the dreams you can’t afford

ORACLE CALL – September 2015

Sending out my “monthly” oracle call after a few months off. Things will be slightly different, more on my end then yours.

My session will now be with Hekate and Apollon. Previously it was Hekate with a sprinkle of Hermes. Also I will be taking three petitioners only. 

First come, first serve basis.

Send your questions to answersfromthemists at gmail dot com.

Shades of PoseidonĀ 

I find inspiration, kennings, promptings of the Spirit in the strangest of places. Currently reading Dune by Frank Herbert; Saw the movie many years ago, my father instilling a love for the book even though I’ve never read it. Here is a passage that struck me. It rings true for ALL my spouses, mortal and otherwise.

Jessica spoke, shattering the moment. “Besides, Wellington, the Duke is really two men. One of them I love very much. He’s charming, witty, considerate…tender-everything a woman could desire. But the other man is…cold, callous, demanding, selfish-as harsh and cruel as a winter wind. That’s the man shaped by the father.”…