• I want to peel back all the layers and find the original simple worshipping
  • I need more deep lizard brain ritual, it’s why I gravitate towards ‘old’ religions
  • When I stumble across ritual that works for me there is this feeling I get deep inside, it’s a primordial thing. Like genetic memory.
  • That’s why I dig for the roots of ritual
  • I look for the one simple act that someone did so long ago that we’ve forgotten it even happened but it’s still there in my cells. Like the instinct for water.
  • Like baptism
  • A now sometimes complicated act that can essentially be traced back to birth. If that makes sense.
  • Or ‘fear’ based respect for the Divine. It’s fearful because It can kill you.
  • I adore bears and deeply respect them, I’m also terrified of them for damn good reasons. They can kill and eat me. Probably won’t, but you never really know.

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