The image above is not mine, I Googled ‘Hades’.

In my childhood, when I first read the Greek myths, Hades was one of the Gods who caught my eye. I’ve ALWAYS loved spooky and cthonic things. As with most of the Greek/Roman Things, I turned away from Him once I hit my preteen years and got all man-angry(long story, message if you want to hear it, hehe!). In the last year, with ALL things going Greek/Roman on me, Hades has once again caught my eye. I’ve seen Him in my astral travels, on the periphery. He stands in the banks of a river, wearing a black hooded cloak, I can see the lower part of His face and He smiles, bowing slightly. Since I made my final decision to focus on death work and thana-doula training and study, He has been even more prominent. I feel Him close. I then had a conversation with a friend about Him and I remembered how I felt the first time I ‘met’ Him. It also makes sense. When I was a cook and a pastry chef my number one rule was make friends with the dishwashers, they will save your ass regularly. My theory on Divine Entities is the same, make friends with the Ones who specialize in your area of interest. That comparison made much more sense in my head but I’m tired and running on like half a spoon. What I’m trying to say is that regardless of my personal feelings towards Him, making friends with the King of the Dead, when one plans on helping the Dead is generally a good idea. 
With that being said I’m going to Google search some images and get all dreamy and swoony, hehe! 😉 

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